Night and Day

Night and Day

Night’s candles are burnt out:

Returned to Phoebus’ lodging.

The world over the chariot rides

But we light our lives with a stolen fire.



Would liver taste just as well

Charred black by the folly

Of the gods?


I defy you stars!

You burn an eternity

In non-existence

And we give you name and title.


Fade from time you swift travelers.

With kisses from our lips,

Take our sins again,

And pray as peasants and preachers do,

Lifted up to the vaulted,

Ethereal heavens;

The void of ancient light.


And though my mistress tread the ground

I’d scarcely let a goddess go.

I’ve a vulture for her

And so Olympus falls.


Phoebus lodges in my daylight

And but one star emit light in present,

I cannot hold the ancients past.

Would that I could.


Such a wagoner as Phaeton

Would whip West and come crashing down,

The world over, daylight done.


Night’s candles are burnt out,

And old Mac rules the bloody roost.

Who’s for mead?


© – Anthony Leclair 2013


Image: ‘Storm Man,’ by Ted Nisker.

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