Andrew Murphy

Rooting hands and
unconventional care,
fake flowers made
to gramophone specification
easy sounds through cranked
hearing aids.

U is a depressed H,
Mild makes Wild look the same.

There are too many words
For too few situations
And my tongue is forked

snakeskin speech
is brittle and affordable,
wondrous for the connoisseur
of sensation.

But this is only one molt
one feather falling among many
one dream catcher in a
white girl’s room.
When it comes time to
clean her sheets, see
see how dirty they are,
how naturally clean;
see how accessible our
collective mind makes the outlaw.

The spectacle is the only way to save. Christian missionaries dressed in
pink lycra and Rabbis in maxi dresses. Dead man in street raises local concern as to ease of disposal. The squirrel that steals your soap is strung by his neck on the tree where he feeds his young. Rejoice, rejoice, spaghetti o’s and oh’s, reunion of ammunition with passionate cause


© – Andrew Murphy 2013

Image: ‘The Melting,’ by Benjamin Phillip Frisch.

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