Water and Minerals

Water and Minerals

A found poem from the musings of an amateur porn model

 by Kenny Koberstadt


ground full of potential

[parched by the sun]

the water flows.


intelligent man loves

knowledge like

the water


simple man

takes what he can

but knows nothing


[he will measure

his worth by

a thirsty man.]


near no wells,

the cracks sense the tinge

of coolness he craves


digging deeper–

is he satisfied?

he digs deeper


he will not walk the lands

in search of this; he has hidden

against the accusing sun.


there is a limit

anywhere we land–

we must scramble


from hole to hole

to find the source

before the sun dries us.



© – Kenny Koberstadt 2013

Image Courtesy of Federico Beber. To contact Federico or to view more of his artwork, click here.