Jeff Jones brings us a taste of Shinedown

In my first column for Swept, I lamented the end of the radio as a meeting place for music lovers and what that would mean for the discovery of new music. I suppose one of my goals here at Swept is to spread the word about music I come across that might be your thing. So, over the past couple weeks, I’ve directed you toward some cool, unsigned bands from the growing Toronto music scene.

Today, as a deliberate change of pace, allow me to introduce you to Shinedown.

Full disclosure, they are signed to Warner Music and in another time would already be a million seller. In our time they are a hard working band with a command of hard rock bombast and rich melody.


The video here is for “I’ll Follow You”, a tasty rock anthem just waiting for the closing credit sequence of the next Marvel superhero movie. Don’t let the karaoke video images fool you. There’s some serious ear candy here, and some great playing, too.

Here’s them doing it live (more my taste).

They nail it.

Even more intriguing to me were these vids of them rocking a couple of other tunes live.

This is “Bully”


This one’s called “Miracle”


It sounds to me like what we’ve got here is a great band waiting to break out.

Do yourself a favour and check them out opening for KISS (awesome!) next Friday (July 26) at the Molson Amphitheatre.