To Live

To Live

As a wanderer I travel endlessly

Desserts, Forests, Valleys, Seas, Skies

Of yellow paths in painted blue,

Out of Chaos, basking in Gaia’s recipes,

Oh Titan, how deep your waters run inside,

Less forlorn, I move towards a glittering jewel

Only to come to an ever transforming destiny

I touch; it changes. I ignore; I hear its cries.

I think I am, you question “Who are you?”

To live I live for myself selfishly

In each piece of me is all that is under the sky,

By each self-neglect I’m bruised by self-abuse

What’s being and becoming is in my eyes,

To be a shadow of all the other lives, you are I

© – Nishayel Williams 2013

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.