New social media application calls Toronto home

A new Toronto-based social media company, Piximash Inc., is preparing to launch a brand new application this month aimed at bringing an emotional aspect to social networking.

Piximash_Logo_JPEGJohn Balaga, Piximash Inc. founder and CEO, said he and his team spent almost a year developing this new online social media application in hopes of giving consumers a new experience in communications and relationship building.

“If you talk to the average person about social media, there’s not a lot of excitement in their voice about it. They just do it. We’re trying to change that,” said Balaga.

Balaga said after researching all of the top social media and seeing what they offer, he reached out to Gravity Affect executive director Joel Johnson to assist in the creative development of Piximash and to hone in on the originality factor of the application.

He also said they intend for Piximash to be more exciting, colourful and respectful of content ownership.

John Balaga

John Balaga

“I said to Joel, ‘I want to create a site that encompasses all of these features and more’, because if we don’t, we’re just going to be like everybody else,” he said. “That was Joel’s challenge right from the start.”

According to Johnson, one of the first things he did was to change the name of the application (originally called PlanetTalk) to Piximash, which is a hybrid word describing the merging of different communities in a new user interface.

Johnson adamantly pointed out that the simplistic and clean design of Piximash is intended to make both the navigation and experience of the app easy and enjoyable for users. He said the Piximash team wants every feature and function on the site to “evoke an emotional response.”

“I think social media is more than just having all of your friends or family in one place. Society is moving towards [being more of] a global society where it’s about global communication and global information,” said Johnson.

Johnson also said Piximash will focus heavily on bridging the facets of storytelling and relationship building by visually showing the proximity of users’ communication on the site. This, he said, is an effort to make the communication more direct and genuine.

Being from the GTA, both Balaga and Johnson envision Piximash taking off in the Canadian market first before expanding into other international markets.

Piximash_Landing-Page_Cass-Raj_03“Everybody that’s in technology, they’re end goal is to go to Silicon Valley. We don’t want to do that. We want this to be here, Toronto, and make sure everyone is on it,” added Johnson.

In sharing the communal mindset of Piximash, Balaga said the social media startup is open to taking on volunteers and interns with digital, media, and social skill sets to help and be a part of the growing company and something he believes is special.

“I think a lot of young people would like to be associated with something new and upcoming that could be the next big thing and say somewhere down the road that they were a part of it or that they stayed a part it,” said Balaga.


Anyone interested in applying for a volunteer, internship, or other positions are encouraged to send their cover letter and resume to

Piximash will officially go live on August 21, the same night as its invite-only launch party. RSVP details can be found on










There is also a contest taking place in which users are encouraged to sign up for Piximash and get a minimum of 100 friends to sign up for a chance to win a brand new PS4 or iPad Mini.

The winner will be chosen in September, and more details will be given at the Piximash launch party.