Canadian Caribbean-themed web channel launches

Caribbean Tales Group, a Canadian multimedia company, has officially announced the launch of its online Caribbean-themed channel, which is aiming to create space for more cultural representation and to educate young people on their cultural roots.


Frances-Anne Solomon, founder and CEO of Caribbean Tales.

Frances-Anne Solomon, founder and CEO of Caribbean Tales, said the main premise behind CaribbeanTales-TV, which will launch Sept. 12, was to create a channel in which a technologically savvy demographic of Caribbean audiences could access stories, content and entertainment that is more reflective of themselves.

“In our present time where youth are commanding and learning from Internet and new media, this is a great way for them to have technological access to heritage stories,” Solomon said.

Solomon also said she and the rest of the Caribbean Tales Group are passionate about continuing to educate young people as a way of empowering societal and community growth.

“Storytelling is fun, but also, is a way of connecting with who we are and our legacy and history as a people culturally. I know it’s kind of deep, but at some point we all die, and continuing to tell these stories is a way of keeping us and our heritage alive. We continue to live through these stories,” Solomon added.

CaribbeanTales-TV will feature over 300 titles from its Caribbean Tales World Wide Distribution collection and will operate as a hub for Caribbean content.

Once is live, audiences will be able to log onto the website and either purchase films on a pay-per-view basis, or they can choose to subscribe monthly using a PayPal account to secure the services. It will work similar to the Netflix-style model of film purchasing.

Leading up to the Sept. 12 launch of the Caribbean Tales site, Solomon said there will be free access to films and content every Sunday.

Along with CaribbeanTales-TV, Solomon said her organization will also be launching an online user-controlled, self-distribution platform,, where filmmakers can market, sell, distribute, and gain further exposure for their work. will offer filmmakers the opportunity to connect with European audiences and continue to educate those watching about the lengthy and colourful history of Caribbean nations and people.

“The establishment of these two dedicated outlets confirms the strength of our emerging industry, the viability of its content and its potential in the global market,” said Solomon. is a partnership and collaboration by Solomon and Cay Wesnigk, a German filmmaker, entrepreneur, and CEO of

Caribbean Tales Group, which also facilitates an annual film festival in Toronto, will be hosting a red carpet gala on Sept. 4 at 7 p.m. on the Lakeside Terrace at the Harbourfront Centre. The gala will be co-hosted by the consulate general for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

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