For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

“For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge”


Magic is the maypole dance,

And truth is the carnality of those pagan priests;

Holy orders in a never ending fantasy of

The rights of man and:


For unlawful, carnal knowledge,

We sing a song, raise the staff, firm,

And tune and dance and scream and rest

After nights of revelry

In accordance to the edicts of fantasy.


Vain, vain fantasy where to rise and fall in escapade

Equals creation and creation

Is the playground of the gods,

And they say it good.

So escapade to pleasure my friend;

Run it round the maypole and climb up and up

And raise yourself above the gods.


Don’t feign creation, seek it out

And ritual, constant of mankind,

Will create,

Of seeming nothing,

A new life to give to the carnal wealth

Of the world.


For what other purpose could pleasure serve

Than to spur life ever on to new horizons.

Salute the maypole rise and drive the point home

In carnal creation.


© – Anthony Leclair 2013

Artwork by Mirra Kardonne. To view more of Mirra’s work or to contact her, click here.