I Love You



You’re trapped somewhere between Neverland and Narnia,

Pirouetting on a dirty space rock,

Freefalling into Neptune.


“By George, don’t you care?”


You want to drink in the emeralds crazy glued to her lips, but

Fall short of the requisite shot of courage; no chase.

There’s a frog in your throat and you hiccup it down,

Lost amid galaxies of swallowed Adams’ apples.


“What’s wrong with you?”


You’re King of the Daydreamers tonight,

And you excel at the art of ripping wings off of butterflies.

There’s hope in catastrophe, you moan,

Ecstasy in sadness and beauty in truth.

Nobody understands you, nobody,

Since who would understand a boy struck by lightning.


“Are you paying attention to me?”


It’s a blast of cold water to your jugular

And electricity roars through your ears like thunder.

She glares at you with those empty diamond eyes, opens her mouth,

And in a second you lose your breath.


© – Tamie Dolny 2013


Photography by Chloe Mighton. To view more of her work or to contact her, click here.