The Indian Giver

The Indian Giver

By Greg Loon

The tragic of fear knows the ignorance behind it. You don’t want to face your fear because you’re afraid. So your world is a plateau of numbness and self-conscious awareness. You live a life that you think is normal but your hiding behind the fear. Or is the fear hiding behind you? Your ignorance is life not bliss.

In some odd and twisted way. Life became a black and white 1950′s TV show. As much as it sounds distorted, it made everything simple. It was pure. Everyone who was anyone gave you the respect, kindness and friendship, In return, you gave your friendship and place in society, but you took everything back because you were angry and confuse. It was easy to fall under this dark cloud. That was your way of life.

Everything was in natural order. Everything was calm. Then one day, your simple and pure 1950′s life came crashing down like a bolt of lightning. The black and white world became colorful. There was broken glass of the old world everywhere. You imploded but still a desire to live. You took everything back and now you’re facing your fear right in the eyes. It’s time to give something back and stop being afraid.


Story was written July 21, 2012


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