Piece of Pot

Piece of Pot
By: Irene Lo
one green snapback that will be wet for the whole night
because i sweat. a new pimple for a new day.
chicks with picks. we dig up dirt to learn
the one guy is younger. the other one eats dick.
the sicilian dude said asians are hard workers
the supervisor said stop sitting on your ass.
it’s hot and when you smoke
you feel it more.
and i thought i hate digging
because i sweat. i’m uncomfortable though
i wash my clothes. i wash my hair my face.
when are you going to take a shower?
the roomie doesn’t want to answer,
roomie wants to use it first.
headaches to remind me I need to smoke
most days i’m constipated.
we sleep side by side separated by space
we close our eyes and dreamily talk to laugh to ask
let’s go to the pool. i use up
entire bottles of sunscreen and steal ones left behind.
it is hot and we wake up to clouds.
where’s everyone.
girls who are vocal are caught up with romance
girls who are vocal are caught up with back home.
boyfriend variety hour every hour. they miss him,
do you have a boyfriend? exciting to compare notes.
we find pieces of pot and chuck away roof tile
conversation in the trench runs:
a. sexual histories
b. hopes for a dead body
c. anticipation for dinner
there is no internet in the countryside.

© – Irene Lo 2013


Artwork by Eva Lewarne. Click here to view more of Eva’s work or to contact her.