Swept gets some recognition from Toronto author J.W. Patten

J.W. Patten took some time this week to write some kind words about Swept.

The author of Darker Than, wrote this on his website this week:

“The world is a big place, something that is easily forgotten in today’s world of global technology. No longer does society have to wait for news reports to be mailed in or called in. No more waiting for the taped footage. The radio is live, the screens are on, and everything is happening NOW.

Enter: SweptMedia.

Swept has the slogan of “sweeping up the news the mainstream leaves behind”, but there is so much more to them than that.

They cover local news in Toronto and the surrounding regions. They offer opinion on world events at home and abroad. They’re tied in with the music scene and with local literature.

And they’ve just launched their Swept On-line Magazine.

These guys are young, they’re hungry…and they’re worth checking out.

So get a different perspective of the news, one that isn’t shoved down people’s throats by networks and radio. Get informed. Get caught up.

In short, get swept.”

A short piece of Darker Than is available in the short fiction section of the site. You should check it out!

Until then – as he said… Get Swept.