Redskin Poet

Yesterday, I didn’t know how to love.
Today, I’m showing you how to love.
An admiration of grace, a natural charisma, unnerved.
wickedly good, calm before the storm.

An empathy setting like a sunset.
I was the quiet one, sleeping like a giant.
I was awaken by the ghosts, pushing and pulling the life out of me.
Wide awake, deeply rooted in the structure of style.

I am the waking life, bleeding daylight in my dark prose.
I arouse the softest heart, seizing a mind with every grip.
A multitude of eyeballs stealing glances, a magnetism usually reserved for film stars.
Feel how alive I am, when I’m like a star shinning in the night sky.


©gregloon2013. Check out more of Greg’s work here.


 Artwork by Eva Lewarne. To contact Eva or to view more of her work click here.