Mistress barnacle

clings to the flat bottom

of the ship

twig arms gripping wide

singing softly

into mottled wood

the Babylonian lullabies

of hearth gods and hyenas—

Body braided

into the bow,

the mermaid snoozes

hair quickly growing

red and green kelp

that ghosts along my back

and tangles in oar combs

pushed by 300 slave arms—

With violin-shaped sunglasses

and pierced teeth

they grin into the sun

spitting rice

that falls

exploding on the bottom

of the dust-blanket sea—

Morphing into

slumbering forests

calling out

between rotting masts

and leg stumps

to pregnant seahorses

who feast

on dragon pearl leaves

and pieces of jasmine teacups—

Pink intestines

float along behind me

jellyfish glistening

slurping at my spine

from the inside

its breath

smelling of cold meat—

© – Magda Wolak 2013. Click here to view more of Magda’s work or to contact her.

Photography by Lara Zankoul. Click here to view more of Lara’s work or to contact her.