My Life, My Journey – how old do you feel?


Merz Pharma Canada, an aspiring leader in the treatment of movement disorders, and aesthetics and dermatology, recently held a survey in support of their “My Life, My Journey” Merz Aesthetics Model Search, asking Canadians their thoughts on the aging process and its effects on behaviour.

aging-process “Based on our survey results, we’ve found that most people feel younger inside than they look outside. In fact, over 80 per cent of respondents admitted to feeling younger than they looked. In Ontario, we thought it was interesting to learn that more people (32%) are likely to say aging makes them feel less secure about their appearance compared to those in Atlantic Canada (18%), Alberta (22%) and B.C. (20%). What was also interesting was seeing that popular saying “young at heart” really come out in the survey results,” said Gloria Hsu, senior marketing manager at Merz Aesthetics.

The “My Life, My Journey” contest is open to all legal Canadian residents, ages 19 to 65, and invites them to share their personal stories of image and self-esteem.

Three winners will be chosen from all applicants. The grand prize winner will receive a prize package that includes a trip to New York City for a professional photo shoot as the new Merz Aesthetics model, and additional prizes valued at $10,000 inclusive, as well as a complimentary treatment with Merz Aesthetics products. The two runners-up will receive prize packages consisting of complimentary treatments with Merz Aesthetics products, valued at $4,500.

The ultimate goal of the contest is, “to enable Canadians to understand that aging affects everyone differently and secondly, to find the next brand ambassador for Merz Aesthetics. We’re not looking for a professional model: we want someone real that is relatable who can share their personal story on image and self-esteem.” Hsu offered.


“We’ve learned a lot about the aging process and the different effects it can have on individuals, not just physically, but relating to self-esteem and quality of life. Our ultimate goal is to empower people to feel good and be confident in their own skin, and not feel like their self-esteem has been impacted by age. We want people to be able to embrace the aging process.”

A very commendable pursuit, indeed, Merz Pharma Canada has also been committed to providing innovative medical approaches for treating neurological and psychiatric illnesses, as well as Alzheimer’s. Founded in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1908, Merz Pharma Group has been developing trust in patients and physicians worldwide, for over 100 years.

When asked what she thought was the biggest hurdle to overcome with regards to image and self-esteem, Hsu replied:

Age with dignity

“It can be a combination of things, but ultimately it’s acceptance that aging is a natural progression that affects everyone. What’s important is how you handle the process and how you let it affect you – whether you choose to embrace it or not.”

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