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For me, it’s already more than a year and a half into this thing,

but somehow it feels like it was only last week that we were writing our first articles, designing our original layout, and just beginning to grasp how far Swept would take us and how big Swept could actually become.

Maybe it’s everything I’ve learned or who I’ve become since Swept got started, or how it’s enriched my life in the months since I first started editing

Perhaps it’s seeing our collective vision and collaborative effort become something tangible, and watching it evolve and succeed.

It could be the inspiration derived from the ongoing, growing response we’ve received from people across the GTA, throughout the country, and around the world who are passionate about literature, journalism, arts and culture.

But what once might have seemed to me like such a daunting project, now feels like something that’s only just begun, with so much more work left to do.

And though I still feel that sense of urgency every time I think of Swept, it has grown and transformed considerably.

Our content schedule has gone from a few posts a month to at least a few posts a week – sometimes a few per day, and thanks to the brilliance of Swept’s design team, our layout has never looked so gorgeous.

Still, as inspiring and fulfilling as it’s been working on this project, it’s been just as much a struggle and a learning experience. Between wrapping half my head around my CP Stylebook, making cold calls to sources who don’t want to talk to me, and trying to exert some level of understanding when it comes to WordPress and Joomla, I’ve had plenty of work to do.

But as I said before, though it has been frustrating, it’s also been very rewarding witnessing the realization of the shared vision the Swept team set out to create.

Most importantly, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s worked on Swept, all who’ve contributed to the website or the e-zine, and everybody who’s shown any kind of interest in Swept, whether it’s attention on social media, or kind words in person. Thank you.

Without your interest, hard work, and support, Swept would be a shell of what it is today, and my life would not be nearly as enriched for being a part of it.

Alex Lambert