My Weekend War

Timucin Toprak


First read the books of Bushido in ascending order.

Toques in the summer taunt the delirious weatherman.

Lobster dinner and a novel approach freedom at record speed.

Sharks have an impeccable sense of self-loathing.

Not a game, it’s the manifestation of practice.

Talking goats that refused to keep me company.

Smile every time an almanac meets a shaman.

The Muppets featured on Vice again.

Literary studies and film noir references.

Two shots at autonomy sacrificed for the Grilled Cheese Café.

Waiting for the usual bandit down by the shore,

Then the dancing Robin Hood exclaims,

“A surfer must do what a surfer must do!”


© – Ahmed Latif 2013. Click here to view more of Ahmed’s work or to contact him.


Image by Timucin Toprak. Click here to view more or Timucin’s work or to contact.