Night on the Town/the Morning After

Mirra Kardonne “Acid Print”

Fail to find, in tile floors,

The glimmer of the glaring gods.


Raised and lowered,


Trip to find the chipping wood

And table dancers of tin and glass

Pushing sin along the finish


And taking balance of the stand and standing.


Spotted scratch and washed off scotch.

Stick to the table you’ve tapped

And pour another draught.


Fill the mind with




And throw the salt over the shoulders of giants,

Floor to chair…or was it reverse?


What mind in fleeting drink


Could    steal

Lipstick glasses for lucky-getting

And a red spot of and for the shame of it all.



Could all and to                                 forwards

Take march

The door

To guard night rain in.


And blur it all to boot.


Grease the morning with bacon against last night’s

Too putrid tasting dinner remnants.


Mop and flush and drift away.


The night was gone

But comes back with the dawn.








© – Anthony Leclair 2013


Artwork by Mirra Kardonne. Click here to view more of Mirra’s work or to contact her.