Wanna Hear A Sad? ~ Tragic Comedy at Fringe

Last night, Theatre Brouhaha ran their third Fringe performance of ‘Punch Up’, an original piece by Kat Sandler with collaboration by actors Tim Walker, Caitlin Driscoll, and Colin Munch.

‘Punch Up’ is the hilarious story of the most pathetic guy in the world (Tim Walker) kidnapping the “funniest guy in the world” (Colin Munch), so that he can learn how to make the saddest girl in the world (Caitlin Driscoll) laugh. Does comedy ever come from tragedy in this piece!Punch Up1

Filled to the farthest edges of oversized-funny-pants with classic comedy: grand guffaws, absurd anecdotes, silly situations, barmy bits, and glorious gags, there was hardly silence from the house as clapping and clammering crashed over the crowd as people fought to catch their breath and catch the butt of the next joke, to fight all over again.

With Tim Walker, earnest as he is, Colin Munch chained to a desk, and Caitlin Driscoll ready to jump, this show is a must see on your Fringe schedule this year.

If you’ve not yet seen this show, book your tickets HERE before they’re gone. With lineups around the corner, and sold out shows each night, better book now before the best of Fringe takes the plunge.