Not throwing in the towel yet…


It was roughly two years ago when Swept went from being an idea to being an actual publication. When it all started, we had a bustling team of primarily literature students who were hellbent on making this publication something we could all be proud of. Everyday there was something new on the horizon and every week it seemed as though another person had been interested to work with us. Slowly as time progressed, more and more work piled on the editorial team – finally we had to admit, we’d bitten off more than we could chew.

In late Decemeber 2013, after a long trip out west, I was beginning to form doubts about the publication I started. Our analytic numbers, albeit growing, weren’t growing enough, which ultimately led to a complete stoppage of compensation for submitted content. It was at this time I thought the digital magazines we were uploading to we’re not doing us any justice and if anything, eating up more time and effort than we could afford considering our dismal readership. Much to my regret, I informed the editorial team and most of the volunteers that Swept was going to go dormant for a bit… and possibly not make a come back.

And just like that – Swept was no longer eating away at my conscience. I knew it was time for a break when managing Swept felt much more like a chore than fun. From the Spring up until now, I’ve had the luxury of working my lousy restaurant job without pondering headline ideas while simultaneously taking meal orders. I’m not going to lie, it was some well needed off time. To say I was burnt out would be an understatement.

Now while, I and much of the team had put Swept on the back burner, we had one individual who decided he wasn’t done and continued working on Swept, despite lacking the editorial team we relied on in the past. When Anthony Leclair first began contributing to Swept, he focused more on the literature side of things, but he made it clear from the start he was more keen on covering events and writing columns.

With Leclair having not much of a background in journalism, I was skeptical at first about letting him cover events, however slowly we let him get his feet wet and the next I thing I knew, he was covering events and interviewing people over the phone and in person. When things started to fall apart, it was Leclair who stepped up to the plate and decided he wasn’t done with Swept. Working as the main contributor over the last few months, I’m proud to call Leclair an editor now.

At this point we plan to make a slow and humble re-entry into the digital literary world with a slightly new approach and mantra. Covering all things creative and culture issues when they arise, I can say with confidence Swept is back!

Look forward to much more news in the coming weeks.

As for now, as always, be swift and do it live.