Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More – Sunday Assembly, Toronto

With all of the war, strife, and religious fervor rampant in the world today, there is a haven; a place of restoration and revitalization; a place of love and peace; a place without god: welcome to The Sunday Assembly.

This “heathen” organization encompasses all of the best parts of church: the people, the lessons (in form of moral discussion; not dictation), and song and dance, without recourse to the divine. With 27 assemblies between the U.K., North America, and Australia, Toronto has officially become the 28th Sunday Assembly, and with the long list of soon-to-be-coming assemblies from South America to Africa; through Europe to Japan, and all the way down to New Zealand, It looks as though 2015 will be greeted by over one hundred S.A. across the world.

Keshra and Jani Hamalainen, with the help of a few others, contacted the main S.A. in London, and from a paltry two-person-attendance to start, Toronto’s new Sunday Assembly now averages 15-20 member congregations at their meetings with hopes of far greater numbers to come.

“It looks promising because it’s something that doesn’t exist in Toronto and is definitely needed.” – Keshra Hamalainen

Pushing for a reputation in the GTA, Keshra and Jani aim to reach over 100 members, looking to hold several meetings on each scheduled Sunday.

“It’s literally all the best bits of church without the god part. It’s about getting together as human beings to celebrate life, uplift one another and do good in our community. We would like people to be able to come to a godless space that is welcoming to all. SA Toronto aims to inspire people, and show them that there is another way to live our life to the fullest.” – Keshra Hamalainen

So if you’re looking for that special place; that welcoming community without preachment nor judgement, no matter your faith, your politics, or your social standing, then maybe you should check out the Sunday Assembly and share in humanity by working to uplift humanity, for no other reason than our mutual humanity.

Check out S.A. Toronto on Facebook HERE.

If you’re from out of the country, then check out the main S.A. website HERE, to find the closest assembly to you.