Here & There – Torture for Pleasure’s: Mike and Cici

Over the long weekend, the small Ontario town, Deep River, had its bi-annual Summerfest.

The out-of-towners who came from all over to enjoy the festivities may have been won over by the fantastic $12,000 firework display, but may have lost interest with the lacking number of vendors, and headlining acts (with maybe exception to The Arrogant Worms).

But lurking about town, part of the festival coordinators’ dejected, but thankfully well-supported musical underbelly, were Mike Griese and Cici Proctor, lead guitarist and lead vocalist, respectively, of local metal band Torture for Pleasure.

This dynamic duo started off at the town’s “Riverbank Stage” – a glorified pile of planks, sat in front of the newly developed waterfront amphitheatre. Undeterred by the neglect of the festival committee, and spurred on by a full riverside audience, this pair pulled off a great acoustic set with heart and soul, and rock and roll.

Shortly after they finished up by the river, and after a short stop at the LCBO (see Here&There – Deep River for the flatbed of beer), they headed on over to the AECL stage…and by stage, I mean some boards, raised up about three inches, sat underneath a baseball cage, covered by blue tarp…a stunning stage, of course.

Once there, they met up with the rest of their band and hammered out a solid set of blistering metal – blistering mainly because they were all slowly dying of heatstroke under the direct sun, nothing but a tarpped cage acting only as greenhouse…or bluehouse I guess, for protection.

But blazing through it, the double bass kicked, the fingers flew, and the voice rang out metal and clear (with great covers like Number of the Beast and yes, even 99 Luftballoons).

Yes, this crew truly gave it their all, and played as hard as they could so that, even though there might have been three other nearby venues with acts playing loud and proud at the same time, they rocked and rolled all over them.

Couple that with a night under the stars, beer, and whisky, and wine; pizza delivered via canoe, watching the grand fireworks from the luxury of a houseboat…well, Torture for Pleasure is metal.


© Anthony Leclair 2014

© Alexine Marier 2014