Glad You Voted?

Elect1If you were at home staying tuned to last week’s election on CBC you may have received what sounded in my opinion to be the beginnings of another tumultuous season in office here in Toronto. I’m not sure if it’s Ford influence over his years in office or just plain disregard for ceremonial practice in Toronto, but with a resounding long winded “Here comes your next mayor Toronto! It’s Johnnnnnn Toryyyyyyyyyyyyy” as if he were stepping up to home plate, or ready to fight twelve rounds in the red corner, we received our newly elected Mayor. Oh yes and thank you west end supporters for our elected councilmen as well… when will it end?

However this is not exactly how I received our elected champion, no. Elect2I happened to be at the Gladstone Hotel (for those who don’t know the “historic” building it’s just on Queen and Dufferin), in the midst of heavy Olivia Chow supporters where we got to enjoy CBC’s rendition of election night with even more comedy. The night was full of entertainment, coupled with live video coverage of the election.

Upon arriving I ordered a drink and sat in a very comfortable leather chair close to what would become a stage of sorts for our hosts of the evening and a couple of very noteworthy guests. All in all I will say it was a great way to water down the voting process and instead bring together politically minded Torontonians to have a good laugh at some very opinionated humour.Elect3

For instance, we all know that previous mayor Rob Ford may as well get everything that comes his way because well… “he deserves it” and in his defense if he were there Monday night, being the chucklehead he is, would have definitely joined in on what was clearly a complete mockery of his entire being.

As I said, there were notable guest appearances at the Gladstone and yep you got it, “blue corner” Rob Ford was one of them. Now what could be more hilarious than dressing a male up in a nice chubby Rob mask, putting a blue cabaret dress on him and blasting on a tune for him to strip, slop champagne and dump a flower pot full of cocaine (powdered sugar) on himself too? Was it funny? A little… not really though.

Would Ford have laughed along with everyone else in the room at Elect4himself… definitely. Was it in poor taste? In my humble opinion, certainly. However, thankfully Our next “guest” was much more classy. This time, the affect had the entire room wrapped around her finger. Kathleen Wynn graced us with “her” presence ladies and gents. Giving us a surprisingly accurate vocal impression as well as a striking male lookalike. All he needed was the wig, no mask, no champagne, and certainly no cocaine.

The night sauntered on, the impressions had breaks between, filled with either live feed from CBC or an energetic dj who didn’t seem to get the idea that social gatherings should involve talking… not yelling across a 3 foot space into someone else’s ear, and before we all knew it John Tory had been elected. Looking around most faces had disappointment etched across them since most were Chow supporters, however the mood took an even further dive towards depression once Ford had been elected Councilor. Noting this, our hosts came out and tried to rouse the crowd once more. This time with a

comedian. However the night had been abruptly short, and with the election decision having come so early in what we all anticipated to be a long event, we were all left feeling that the night was a little anticlimactic. The conversations battled with the dj, and once our comedian came on to give us a very modern “drunk comedian” act, we battled with him as well.

I learned a thing or two…mainly just this: I believe that if one remains witty, one will never need to stoop so low to make comedy. Laughter is everywhere, it does not need to be forced out of us with stupidity or nonsense. Keep your wits about you, if you can make someone think, and laugh, we may all learn a thing or two.