Liberal Party Lights Up Marijuana Debate with U of T Event This Thursday 7PM

CanWeed1 TORONTO, ON – Following the groundbreaking call from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health to legalize and regulate marijuana, the Liberal Party of Canada will host “Time to Legalize Marijuana? A panel on the law, politics and science of weed.”

The event will occur tomorrow, Thursday, November 6 at 7:00PM at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education auditorium at 252 Bloor St. W at the University of Toronto. It is organized by the Davenport Liberal riding association and the U of T Liberals.

Last night Alaska, Oregon and Washington DC joined Colorado and Washington state in legalizing recreational marijuana. That same day Health Canada received a court challenge for its flawed medical marijuana program.CanWeed2

“Our current approach to marijuana is failing our children,” said Liberal leader Justin Trudeau. Marijuana legalization has become a central issue for this generation and Liberals will tackle the debate head on. The public panel will feature history of cannabis author Mark Coakley, criminal defence lawyer Marcy Segal and addictions counsellor Peter Markwell.

The Liberal Party of Canada believes legalization and regulation of marijuana is the best way to promote public health and safety, reduce harms associated with the use of marijuana and keep drugs out of the hands of children.