A Night Out With That Choir

choirIf you walked into The Flying Beaver Sunday October 26, around 8:00pm, you would have perhaps heard the great elegance of 50’s swing music, sung by a very talented male tenor. Or upon entering half past eight, you were welcomed by the crude yet somehow heartwarming expression of one truly passionate stalker.Or say you wanted a drink down at the good ol’ Beaver around 9:00pm… would you have been surprised to hear what you thought was the Disney classic “A whole new World” sung in mad-lib form? This was what the broadly talented crew of That Choir brought to us on Sunday evening.

From the romantic 50’s to the heart of Newfoundland, the moods of the night changed so rapidly that on the whole, “That Choir” had you leaving feeling wonderfully cheerful and downright excited for another show. With only a small portion of what usually makes up this talented acapella choir, there was no missing what a unique group this bunch of artists really are. For an hour and a half I sat listening (with an open mind I might add) to song choices that for the most part I have never heard before. And if you weren’t entertained enough during the performances, there was certainly enough comedy in-between so that you didn’t miss a beat.

choir1This was thanks to Barb Kaill, General Manager of That Choir and Craig Pike, Artistic Director both of whom showed natural pizzazz for hosting the event. Whether it was Craig’s Cher impression or Barb Singing ‘A whole New World” in the form of an audience-chosen-mad-lib, the two of them led the way for what was an extraordinarily fun evening. The perfect place for friends interested in a little entertainment with their meal. Or perhaps you’re bored of the same old Toronto dinner dates, well trust me, if you both don’t have something to laugh about here, it’s time to try online. Their next performance is November 9th At the Metropolitan United Church, and if you can’t make it to that, gear up for Christmas and join in some caroling fun on December 14th also at the Metropolitan United Church.