The Way We Remember

DSC_0020We are asked, only one day a year, to remember those who fought for our freedom. To take that time is a paltry sacrifice compared to those of the men and women who have given their lives so that we may live in comfort and peace.

Today’s old city hall ceremony held several hundred people, young and old; school children to seniors, and they all pressed close together on the street in the warm November sun to make way for the colourful parade.

The band played a fantastically prideful march to the cenotaph, and the proceedings, with the exception of a fumble, mid-speech, given on behalf of Rob Ford, were inspiring and appropriately reflective, and representative of all Canadians; inviting us to focus on living with peace and love, regardless of faith or philosophy, and to take the time in our days not to laze in the path of least resistance, but to brave the obstacles of our mutual freedom in peace.

On this day, so many gather across the country to reflect and remember, but there are those who take more time to share in reflection. That Choir performed at the Metropolitan United Church this past Sunday to remember with their patrons. A beautiful performance, elevated by the ornate setting, and arching acoustics, conductor Craig Pike led That Choir through a resonating requiem by Eleanor Daley, and contemplative Canadiana that held the near hundred-strong audience captive for the entirety of the magical, musical journey.choir

The notable beauty of the ethereal Melissa Renshaw’s voice was awesome, in the truest sense of the word. Carried to the vaulted heavens of the Metro United, and held up in perfect harmony with the rest of the choir, Renshaw shone noticeably; a beacon on an already clear day, but still ever so present.

That Choir will be returning to the Metro on December 14th for their Christmas show: a respectable distance removed from Remembrance Day (So often is Remembrance Day preceded, and overshadowed by holiday hysteria).

So as this day draws quickly to a close, we should reflect that not only this one day, but everyday may share in remembrance of those who sacrificed all so that we may have the freedom to be so forgetful.


“At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.”