Seven-Arm Octopus Love


Parisian Cafe by B.Grigoriev

Seven-Arm Octopus Love


The Seven-Arm Octopus or Haliphron atlanticus is one of the worlds largest species of octopus.  This mysterious giant of the deep possesses a hidden eighth arm.  It only becomes visible when the octopus finds a suitable mate.  The eighth arm uncoils from under the right eye and reaches out for the mate


He took to flight, more ostrich than Icarus.

She took to rioting, passionate but vigorous.

He was all thumbs, two left feet, and helplessly cliché.

She was nobody’s fool at this partisan Parisian café.

He played the monkey’s uncle and the unwilling witness.

She identified with the hapless hero, ironically witless.

It was head over heels for these hipsters at heart.


He grew distant from a distance and wet his beak.

She harboured hostility in her revenge of the chic.

He gorged on heart-shaped red macaroons.

She listened endlessly to ‘99 Red Balloons’.

They argued and unfollowed each other on Twitter.

No future kids, so no more futuristic babysitter.

It was over before it started for these pseudo-narcissists.


She booked a flight and watched an indie romantic comedy.

He protested then read Homer’s ‘The Iliad’ and ‘The Odyssey’.

She took a chance on love, standing as a sunset silhouette.

He gambled in Monaco, had a cup of coffee and a cigarette.

She replayed the relationship backwards like ‘Memento’.

He brought her a gift, a jar of olives stuffed with pimento.

It was a gonzo-surfer love story for these modern bohemians.


© – Ahmed Latif 2014


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.