Wedding Speech Notes…SMILE



When you are the mother of two spirited daughters you almost get to take part in a Skinnerian psychology test.

You watch common environmental situations and diverse responses. Sometimes you shake your head, sometimes you quake in your boots.

She exploded into the world on January 10 1982, with after labour of 1 1/2 hours and has continued at a fast pace ever since.

Because they are almost 4years apart, they are great friends and support for each other, which is a parent’s dream.

My daughter Julia would say I live on some cloud of Pollyanna – like some beliefs, but gets a huge kick from confiding her ‘tricks’ after the fact. Keeps her chuckling at my expense, keeps my sanity from not knowing.

How would I have thought she’d be driving the family Lincoln around central TO when she was 14? Never occured to me.

Or parties in Mt.

Or – discovering said auto had a defective, generic key that opened and operated other Lincolns in TO?

Who would have thought? We know GM was a bit asleep at the wheel but really…this?


We see this 32 year old lovely wonderful 6-month pregnant bride (not for her the sequence rules…1st comes love, then comes marriage, then…


-1st comes love, then comes house, and that then comes engagement, the then comes babymaking, engagement + now marriage.



Our Jules has so many wonderful qualities including being:

- hilariously funny (llama story – Colin did you know you can train llamas to be your golf caddy? They’re great house pet + they pull toddlers in wagons


Who Knew?


Wrap up comments


- she’s all-embracingly kind

- thoughtful and loving





I can only say that Julia is a person you always want in your corner, even if the corner is a phone booth or a desert island.

She enhances lives of those around her and I celebrate that quality.

Love Love Love You both.

I don’t know how but these goofy longterm friends figured it out beautifully.

A little uncomfortable giving marital advice but things come to mind


- Make for yourselves

- Communicate

- Keep fun + humour in mind

- Pick your battles – a lot are a waste of air

And Sean – you are one wonderful, beautiful man.