Wynne Leaves Out Half the Victims of Violence?

New Toronto billboard campaign highlights gays and lesbians, fathers and their children, endangered by public policy built on ideology not facts

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s violence against women initiative reinforces sexist stereotypes that ignore violence against men, gays and lesbians, and endanger children with abusive mothers.

A new billboard campaign released today in downtown Toronto by the Canadian Association for Equality points out: “Half of all domestic violence victims are men. No domestic violence shelters are dedicated to us. #LetsTalkMen.” The image features an enraged woman with a hostile posture standing over a frightened man.

“Initiatives to combat violence against women are necessary and praiseworthy,” said CAFE President Justin Trottier. “But policies should be built on facts rather than bound by ideologies.”

1 in 6 men have experienced sexual violence, abuse or harassment. Rates of violence in gay and lesbian relationships are the same as heterosexual relationships. Fathers currently have zero safe places to take their children when fleeing from abusive mothers.

“Wynne’s initiative leaves thousands of victims vulnerable and keeps children in danger,” said Trottier.

CAFE will host a press conference at the site of the billboard at Davenport Rd. and Bedford Rd. Tuesday, March 10, 2015, at 10:30AM.

Swept’s Anthony Leclair will be at the press conference to learn more.