York University reaches tentative deal with with union


By Jacob Wilson-Hajdu

York University reached a tentative agreement with CUPE 3903 on Sunday after a long, stressful strike that had many students up in the air with finals around the corner.

“Pretty much it has just been extremely stressful not knowing whether or not it is going to be back tomorrow, next week or next month. It’s been very stressful not knowing what is going to happen.” Rhiannon O’Erien third year York University student said.

The strike had been a barrier for students and teachers who were trying to complete the academic year after the strike, which started March 3.

“Of course there is classes where teachers haven’t been so accommodating and haven’t really been clear what they intend to do considering the strike is going into it’s fourth week and we have one more week in regular school.” Said Richard Osbourne, a York University student.

CUPE 3903, who is representing graduate students, was striking to ratify an agreement to help with tuition indexation. After striking since March 11, they accept the agreement that accommodated 3 key points.

First, member’s tuition would be indexed to the 2012 rate, which is the same as the 2005 rate. This means that if tuition were to raise the school would increase funding to offset the tuition fee.

Also they have created a LGBTQ employment equity group and increased summer minimum funding for student workers.

“They want to be able to keep up with the increasing tuition and their job being a TA (teaching assistant) for the school it seems reasonable enough. The way I look at it is they have to mark all our tests and exams and there is no feasible way they can have a job on top of being a TA. The school has to do something to help.” Osbourne said.

CUPE 3903 will be holding a ratification vote today from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., students are advised to monitor the university’s website today for more information.