When I Have The Time To Sing



When I have the time to sing, I sing it from the heart:


I sing from the tops of mountains, for yet the cliché to exist,

But I also sing from far below, I call down to the abyss.


I sing amongst merry friends, however out of tune;

I sing a song for my loving dove as over water doth a loon.


I sing for when I stroll down uncanny roads at night,

I sing to ever make from darkness a beauteous wandering light.


I sing an ode to those who strolled down the road not tread,

For all the difference it has made and dreams it has fed.


I sing a reel for those who steal a heart for everyday,

For they will find that in their kind, they’ll sooner fall away.


I sing a ballad for my love and for my lover’s kiss

For what more could I sing if so my love’s amiss?


And so I sing for everyone and their loving part

For when I have the time to sing, I sing it from the heart.