…She’s The Closest Thing To Magic… – Edo Peled


Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios

Electric Ego, AKA: Edo Peled, the best mix of musical past and hopeful future, has released two of four singles from his EP ‘All I Do’.

The most powerful of the tracks released thus far is ‘She’: a heart-wrenching ballad of epic proportions; a Tom Jones scale ballad with accents of Dylan throughout. But honestly, to compare Edo to either of these greats is ultimately pointless as he is great in his own right.


Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios

This beautiful song pulls the heart strings as far as they’ll go, and still manages to keep a smile smeared across your face. A tumultuous affair turned true love, this story of fleeting fancy, and deep desire takes you on a trip down memory lane for those lost loves, and lovers still yearned for; the loves you know you just can’t let go, in spite of the pain – and maybe because of the pain.

Lyrically, Peled is a powerful poet; he knows how to paint a picture to express the depths of his heart, and luckily the picture is on display for all. Coupled with his unique voice, Edo lingers in the mind, and makes one want more. Check out this beautiful ballad HERE.