“All I Do” – Edo Peled

Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios

Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios

Rocking in retro style, Edo Peled AKA Electric Ego, mixes sweet synth with punchy poetry in a gritty love song, chalk full with all the conflict of a real relationship: self interest, artistry, and reefer.

With a dance beat, and phat, funky bass by Leo Eisenach, Peled gives it straight: love is not free, and is not cheap; it all comes with a cost. ‘All I Do’ lives in that honesty that few dare to give bluntly. “It’s true, most of the time I’m in need”, “under my skin there’s an animal”, “my only cure is songs and reefer”: all the shit people avoid is here in this upbeat, party track; it’s a shame it’s so short, but boy is it sweet.


Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios

The driving chorus adds to that sweetness through the harmonies of MiMI, smoothing the edges, and coupling wonderfully with Peled’s vocals to really connect the song to a reality of relationship.

Always a pleasure to listen to Electric Ego. Can’t wait to hear more.