“Sally” – New Song and Video from Electric Ego!

Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios.

Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios.


This warm winter has been a fruitful one for Electric Ego (Edo Peled), with several song releases, and a video drop for his lusty lyric, ‘Sally‘.



Like so many love stories, ‘Sally’ is about love lost, and the depths one can sink to when faced with such loss. Simply to hear it, Sally seems a very frivolous, and flaky woman; there for her kicks, and gone almost as soon as you turn around. Though the song is for her, the story isn’t hers: it’s the descent of the spurned; fading away as a musician as if “…all the keys play the same, same note…”, and trying to “…stay away from the bottle…” even though (as arrives my favourite line of the piece) “…the pain needs a cure…”



The clapping percussion, and booming bass carry “Sally” on a synthesized serenade of nonchalance, fading in and out of the song as Sally fades in and out of one’s life. Peled’s unique vocals, and haunting harmonica give such a reality to this tale of self-destruction that one feels the torture this man has put himself through for the absence of, if not his love, then certainly his muse.


The video, directed by Luke Hawkins, stars the seductively affected Tina Ja, roaming in red: symbolic of the lusty nature of the character, or perhaps of the myopic vision of the character whom Sally left; a world left devoid of colour but for where Sally roams.


Cut in a stunted manner, the video evokes just how quick passion’s fire can flicker into existence, and subsequently be snuffed, or set elsewhere. Spliced with faded images of the band, Edo makes brief appearances, playing guitar and harmonica, sadness as evident and deep as the shadows hiding him, frame by frame, set on the fading, fragile fabric weaved by the lost woman, so dear as to bear the song’s title.



Be sure to check out this great tune, and accompanying video by Electric Ego, HERE, and take a sneak peak at ‘By My Side‘, the latest release by this musical poet, to be reviewed next week.