The Wonderful Amy Wallace – Classics and Arias


Photo courtesy of Marc Clephan.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Amy Wallace is a shining light in a bleak world.



This wonderfully vivacious soprano just recently released her ‘Classics and Arias’ album, full of fantastically timeless pieces, ranging from the spiritual ‘Ave Maria’, and ‘Pie Jesu’, to such patriotic poems-to-music as ‘I Vow to Thee My Country’, to the ostentatiously operatic ‘Ombra Mai Fu’.



To know Miss Wallace, you would not necessarily expect the incredible power, and authority with which she dominates the classics, but over top of the precise piano accompaniment of pianist Roger King, Wallace easily flexes her ravishing range, perfect pitch, and exquisite eloquence.



Her ability to take you on a journey of titillation, torture, contrition, and triumph is absolutely astounding; she brings an emotional range equal to her vast vocal range.



Photo courtesy of Marc Clephan.

The one and only criticism of the album that I dare make is the silence between vocals and piano. Specifically noticeable in Wallace’s rendition of Handel’s ‘Where’er You Walk’, there are significant gaps of silence that perhaps do not lend well to the song overall. Though, of course, the album is a showcase of Amy’s beautiful voice, which one is given to enjoy by the sheer lack of orchestration, I feel backing orchestration to match the epic wonder of the vocals would be a vast improvement.



If only we could all afford such things as an orchestra.



That tiny critique aside, and made only to emphasize how grand her voice is and needs to be matched instrumentally, Wallace’s ‘Classics and Arias’ is a must have for those fans of opera, and may I say, to all those who aren’t fans as well, for Amy Wallace will make you fall in love with this music; I have no doubt.



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