Les Coquettes Takeover Kitty Nights at Revival

Last night, famed burlesque company Les Coquettes pounced out of retirement to take over Kitty Nights at Revival Bar on College Street.

I met my good friend, the ravishing Liv Vicariously, at the door and we entered a full house event with go-go dancers, and sultry singers taking turns on the stage, while the crowd got their fill at the bar, eager to see some skin.

After introductions by Dee Dee Starr, and Ava Noir, the hospitable hostesses of the regular Kitty Nights programming, La Minouche (meaning “the pussy…cat”) took to the stage and, crop in hand, lined up her mewing, and mischievous little kittens to prepare for what was a dazzling array of feathers, sparkles, sweet candy, and as little clothing as was legally possible.

La Minouche, claws ever made from the sharpest of wit, held captive, and drove wild the audience, sharing some wonderful insights from her new book ‘Keeping It Up‘, and congratulating everyone on the sex (that if they hadn’t yet had in the bathrooms downstairs) all would have at some point in the night, whether by themselves or with others.

Lucky Minx, whom I was lucky enough to meet later in the evening, graced the stage first in a platinum performance, with some of the most enticing eyes I wished I could have seen more of, if not for the shadow cast by her wonderful wig.

Next came Lilli Bubalotovich, Charity Dawn, and my favourite for sometime now, Dante Inferno, in a vaudevillian venture to one up each other in a flurry of feathers, and sneaky peeks.

After a quick break for the lovely ladies to raffle off the “bag of sex”, the sultry Suki Tsunami and devilish Dante Inferno slipped on stage in a Tarantino-themed misdirection; getting all body from Tsunami, and all voice from Inferno, though I’m sure everyone was waiting for the yellow jumpsuit to disappear.

Then one of the hostesses of the evening, Miss Dee Dee Starr, swayed along the bar, making everyone thirst, one way or another, before she took to the stage and magically showered the audience with petals from her little red cape, before tantalizing all with her tassels.

Betsy Swoon then dazzled us with her flowing nightgown, and beautifully expressive movements; her expressions seductive, yet demure; indeed, she must have made someone swoon.

Tickling us with her fantastic feather work, Lilli Bubalotovich sang us a wonderful number, and fanned us all down, just a tad (the place packed and steamy already, even before the performers turned up the heat).

Coco Framboise gave us a very sweet treat, while she rode her candy apple, and licked another (yes, just as tantalizing as it sounds). We may not have all left with diabetes, but I’m sure we’d have been ok with it if we had.

Finishing off the night (and us) with some high flying brilliance, were the wonderful aerial duo of Suki Tsunami, and Charlotte Webber. I recall watching their incredibly emotional retirement performance as Suki climbed the silks, and Charlotte watched from the hoop beside, not quite yet due, and touched even more than the audience was. If you ever get a chance to see these two perform together, do take it.

La Minouche closed the show with her constant comedy, and Dee Dee Starr, and Ava Noir brought in the Kitty Nights After Dark dance party, which I did not stay for, though I do believe I will have to bring my girlfriend along next time to really enjoy the full experience.

To keep updated on their next show, go HERE to read about their Diamonds & Perle night in April (new themes and performers every second Saturday of the month), starring Perle Noire. If you’re looking for a fun, and interactive burlesque experience, slink on over to Revival and prowl Kitty Nights.