Those Kitties love their Diamonds and Perle

Last night I strolled on over to Revival Bar on College St, and got a chance to watch the frisky felines of Kitty Nights Toronto Burlesque play with each other, and the roaring crowd. If you are unfamiliar with Kitty Nights at Revival, then let the cool cats describe it themselves:

Kitty Nights Toronto is a live interactive burlesque & cabaret show featuring saucy burlesque teasers, brassy singers, boylesque, circus, go-go dancers and the legendary after party: Kitty Nights After Dark. We always encourage our guests to dress to impress, wear costumes, including our signature cat ears, and have fun with our monthly themes.

At Revival Bar, Two Dames Productions will bring you star studded entertainment all night long, the bag of sex raffle, prizes for best dressed, babely bartenders & naughty surprises for birthday’s, stagettes, bachelor parties and VIP events.

Needless to say, a night with those kitties, is a night you won’t soon forget. I slunk my way in to meet the lovely ladies at the door, checked my coat to show off my suit, got a rye and ginger from the great bar staff (even if the drinks are a bit steep), and went on the prowl for Ava Noir. Such energy, and vivacity from this little vixen, I was yet unprepared to be introduced to Miss. dd Starr, co-host with Ava Noir, who immediately approached me like a little plaything, and vied to make sure I was sticking around for a dance at the After Dark party following the show. Sorry to work in the morning, I dare say, Miss Starr, that we will have that dance, when next we get the chance.

Looking to the stage, after my randy run in with the two heart-stopping hosts, my heart began to throb once again…my heart? Sadie Mae was working the stage as one of the opening go-go dancers, followed up by Lucky Minx, and that shining Miss. dd Starr.

Once our hosts had explained the bag of sex, and pumped us up (I use the term advisedly), master of ceremonies, Sexy Mark Brown, shared with us his incredulity throughout the night at the sheer level of licentious talent on stage.

The wonderful performances from Svetlana Konswallow (my favourite of the night, who started her performance along the bar, already undressed, all to make her way to the stage and don only a pair of gloves, was arresting), to Zyra Lee Vanity, with her pumped up Africana in the form of a Lion King remix, and a Rafiki-like staff with a mirror atop that only Vanity would use. From Bon Bon Bombay’s criminal acts through the audiences, clad in black leather to remind me of the Black Cat (given the name of the burlesque troupe), to Miss. dd Starr, tossing her lace aside to show us what kind of maid we’d all love to have working for us, and let’s not forget the “recent graduate” who had an interesting time at his graduation photo session.

All of this leading up to Arabella Allure, rolling in from the South in an array of lights, and Poison Ivy green (I didn’t think there was a comic book theme, but I enjoyed it all the same), showing off her fantastically fit form.

But the show was not done yet. From New York City, Kitty Nights was graced with Perle Noire, a world renowned burlesque dancer who has notably performed in Dita Von Teese’s “Strip, Strip, Hooray”, and Velvet, a musical starring Australian disco diva and superstar Marcia Hines. This three part performance was magic in that it was simple, yet absolutely gob-smacking.

Once the evening had concluded, and the After Dark party was about to begin, Svetlana Konswallow took the stage again as closing go-go dancer, and almost made me stay, but the cold shower that is work rained down upon me, and I took my leave to let these pretty pussies prowl the night.