Poem Every Day #17 – Ancient

Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios.

Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios.






Ancient (PED #17)

the sun sneaks through
cracks between barren

sitting on a park bench,
staring across at an enormous pine tree
enjoying the first beautiful spring day
after a harsh winter.

in the hot sun an ancient
wind blows, cooling down core temperatures,
freezing me in place.

continuing to stare forward
time falls backward;
trees rise and fall,
buildings disintegrate,
disappearing to their roots.
cars reverse,
slowly becoming more primitive -
horses pull buggies,
eventually just First Nation people
walk the massive landscape.
carrying and consuming only
which they need.

unbeknownst to this tribe
one of their members drops
down, sitting
next to me on the park bench.

whether he sees me or not,
neither of us say a word.
a faint acknowledgement exists.

both staring out, straight
ahead, enjoying the life-giving
sun, seeing the breath of the
land – trees sway back and forth.
listening to Nature’s song as birds chirp,
resting in the trees above.
nurturing their young like the families
of the past.

eternity passes before either of us
move. slowly
my new friend reaches down,
methodically picking up the perfect
pine cone.
walking across the fresh
digging vibrant black soil,
resting the seeds and cone in
the nutritious hole,
covering it with hope.
walking back he resumes his spot
on the park bench
and smiles.

the ancient wind blows again – fiercely.
rushed forward to the present,
watching the lifespan of
this tree.
smacked back to a stop
at present day.

once again, across
the park, rests the
magnificent pine.
looking to the empty spot
on the park bench,
only a smile full of
hope and respect remains.

powerful emotions emit from
the wonder of pine tree.

full to the brim,
sitting on a park bench
I weep from the
wonderment of it all.