Poem Every Day #18 – Midnight

Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios.

Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios.






Midnight (PED #18)

At high moon
the ending of a day,
my evening begins.

Venturing out to
visit my nocturnal friends,
gathering in loud,
awful places,
the only way to survive
is succumbing to your vices.

Distorted realities,
mixing together,
forming a muddy brown
mural of late night sex and
leaving the same present
in the morning – waking
with a dreaded throbbing pulse,
forever on repeat.

There are laughs and tears,
but none are ever remembered.
There are many memories forgotten,
the joyous and detrimental float
into the either for a future you
to deal with the outcome.

Though, with all the fun, misery,
laughs, tears, sex, forgotten memories,
and the morning present,
though the best nights are where I never
see the clock reach 12:00am.