Poem Every Day #20 – Borrow

Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios.

Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios.






Borrow (PED #20)

The rhythmic beat
dogs in the background
repeating with precision.

Light slowly trickles in
the tiny slits in opening eyes.

Shocked to feel a body next to me.
and remember my dreams
came true.

You, my angel,
my love, peacefully
sleeping – able to ignore
the persistent noises
forcing me to rise with the
morning sun.

I take off your ears
so I can ignore the sound
and go back to sleep.

The constant beeps
become melodic and soothing,
easing any tension I had from
being forcibly woken moments ago.

Curious, I steal your eyes
to literally see the world through
your majestic, dark brown eyeballs.
getting rid of my shifty, colourblind
sight seers.
The world becomes brighter and
full of colours I never thought imaginable.

Curiosity continues to elevate.
taking your mouth,
quickly biting into a banana,
baffled by the new sweetness
playing around with the tastebuds.

Your nose is next -
smelling the flowers you
forced into my bedroom,
I begin to well up,
never experiencing a scent so

I go for all the marbles -
taking your heart and mind,
needing to know how
you love and exactly what
you think.
It overwhelms and, for a moment,
I’m frozen in place, not able to cope with
how, with all your senses, you are able
to function.

Slowly gaining back the ability
to move, I give back your
heart, and

The world goes back to being
dull and grey.
Great experiencing the world through
your perspective, but it’s all too much
for my body to handle.

Preferring to stick to my mundanity -
in awe of the full beauty that is you.