Poem Every Day #29 – Spring

Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios.

Photo courtesy of Leclair Studios.






Spring (PED #29)

On a chilly morning
I awake from my slumber,
rising before the sleepy sun.

Frost turns to dew,
birds begin to chirp,
telling each other where
to find the early worms.

The daily grind
seems easier to handle;
a new season
brings new opportunities.
Like the birds,
I want to sing from the
wires floating above the
grass, waiting to fill
my creative stomach.

Swirling with burning desires,
the hunger never ceases -
constantly starved.
Slimy bunches of worms,
rest on wet sidewalks,
tempting fates of motions.

Not yet able to build a nest
in the barren trees.
Gathering the necessary sticks,
piece by piece,
free-form, sloppy and
taking forever.

Future leafy branches
hide the shoddy work
of building the future;
the moon watches the futility.

Pinks, yellows and oranges,
start to peek up from the horizon
as the sun slowly wakes,
giving the chilly morning
some much needed warmth
and light.

It becomes easier to see
the fickle worms, wiggling
on the concrete.
Basking in the warming glow
the future seems a bit
more hopeful.