Carnival of Rock!

goodnight sunrise
Happy birthday to Goodnight, Sunrise, and cheers to those who attended their sixth birthday at The Silver Dollar Room this past Saturday.

Celebrating with the carni-crazed G,S were “The death-defying feats of The Cardboard Crowns!!!! The impossibly bearded Orangabang!!!! [and all had to] Marvel! Stare!! Gawk!!! at [opening act] The Do Good Badlies!!!!

Goodnight, Sunrise-8Upon arrival at the Silver Dollar Room, one was not so much greeted, but frantically waved and danced at by two sweet, albeit certifiable, clowns. I’m unsure if the passerbys were more or less inclined to find out just what it was they were up to (Torontonians already largely used to walking by the eccentricities of the city), but there was indeed a line up the stairs, and a heavy crowd around the bar and stage – the first fifty guests were given loot bags (it was a birthday after all).Goodnight, Sunrise-3

If you weren’t immediately attracted to the bar as I was, and you took a moment to gauge the rest of the room, there was a dark corner by the door for merch, face-painting, balloon animals, and treats. It was wonderful so many in the crowd painted up, and clearly into the fun theme of the night – true friends at this birthday party.

Goodnight, Sunrise-5The ringleaders from Hi Heels Lo Fi were engaging and entertaining, and the music, of course, rocked the carnival all night long. Juggling, dancing, and drinking, the bands were one with the audience, and the night flowed like one rockin’ carnival ride…though smoother than your typical Midway.

I can only hope I’m invited again next year: Goodnight, Sunrise throws a great birthday party.