A Moment in ‘TIME’ with Electric Ego

Photo Courtesy of Leclair Studios.

Photo Courtesy of Leclair Studios.

Perhaps not quite my favourite song by musical magician Edo Peled a.k.a Eledtric Ego, but certainly my favourite in terms of production, ‘Time’ is a beautiful ballad that pulls not only heart strings, but also an entire string section that accents sweetly the spaces in between the simple lyrics of this “simple song”.

I could bandy around names like The Beatles, or Pink Floyd as possible influences in this piece, but I worry that would cloud the sweet originality of Peled’s new fantastic creation.

The quality of production is absolutely brilliant, and so credit must go to producer Oded K.dar for the grand piece that must have come from simple beginnings. I had the pleasure of playing along on the harmonica (however poorly) to this song, in its simple form, at The Black Irish last Monday, where Peled picked up a guitar and let the simplicity of the song take hold of people’s hearts. Silencing the Black Irish isn’t always easy, but there was great attention paid to this moment in ‘Time’

The story of this piece admitting not much to life, but for a “big dream [and a] tender, soft and gentle secret”, I can only suggest must be love. A moment with no time being that “one whisper [that] says I love”; those moments that seem to hang in the ether, devoid of time, where we share joy with someone special, and forget the ragged world surrounding.

Perhaps it was preemptive of me to call this song a ballad. More of a lament in the repetition of the line “sometimes it’s hard for me to remember a moment with no time”. That dream; that secret may be a beautiful memory of the moment with no time. And yet, the end could be the sweet surrender of the lament in exchange for a ballad, finding that moment once again, suggestive in the hanging ending “A moment with no…”: leaving us suspended in time, with expectation, in stillness.

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