Your Roommate is a what!?

“Oh I heard correctly…your roommate is an escort!”

Well known theatre/film veterans Katie Uhlmann, and Trish Rainone are sallying forth into the wide world of the web series with a quirky number called ‘My Roommate Is An Escort’.

I recently asked these lovely ladies about their project, to see what their expectations were, and to ask about their crowdfunding campaign.

Swept: How did the idea for this series come about?

K&T: We have both had crazy roommates in the past. Between the two of us we have eight roommates right now! We were originally getting together to write a series about dating, but then we just ended up swapping crazy roommate stories, so we decided to create these characters. Trish is basically playing a version of herself and Katie combined. Katie is playing “the bad roommate” in every sense of the word. The series is focused on the challenges and drama that occur when two people with polar opposite values and lifestyles live together. The majority of content that we as a society consume is created by men, and we feel strongly about being a part of the new wave of female content creators telling stories from a woman’s perspective.

Katie Uhlmann & Trish Rainone.

Katie Uhlmann & Trish Rainone.

Swept: Have you two worked together a lot before?

K&T: This is the first time we’ve worked together. We met at a birthday party in January, and we have been spending too much time together ever since. We are literally together 24/7. For the past seven months if we aren’t at our day jobs, we are working on this series.

Swept: How do you feel the campaign is coming?

K&T: The campaign is going really well. We have even cried because we’re so touched by everyone’s generosity. In a week we have already raised 37% of our campaign goal- over eight thousand dollars. People seem to be genuinely excited about the show, and it feels a bit like a dream. We are thrilled that the series is definitely a reality now.

Swept: Do you expect to reach your goal in time?

K&T: We hope so! We still have a ways to go, but we try to stay optimistic about it. We are constantly trying to think of new ways to promote the series and get closer to our goal. It’s very stressful, but also very rewarding.

Swept: How will you keep it running if you don’t reach your goal?

K&T: We will reach our goal come hell or high water! If you’re reading this, please donate!

Swept: Depending on the success of the series, could we be looking at a second season, or is this a one-off, completed story arc?

K&T: Yes, we already have ideas for various storylines and a second and third season. For the first season, we really needed to go the route of crowd-funding so that we can show people this series, and what we are capable of. Once the finished product is released, we’re very positive and hopeful that investors and networks will want to be a part of making more seasons a reality. This is why we really need help from our friends and community with our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to make the first season as good as possible! If we reach the goal, we can market it properly and reach a worldwide audience. We are putting money toward all aspects of production and cast and crew to make a high-quality product that goes head-to-head with the popular comedies we all watch regularly on Netflix and television.

Since this brief interview, the campaign has flown from 37% to 84%. With twenty four days left to go, it seems very likely that ‘My Roommate Is An Escort’, will be hitting the worldwide web soon, but of course they’re not out of the water yet.

Don’t fret though, they’re not just asking for money: they have some great perks for donors; depending how much you donate, they’ll even come to your house and…get your mind out of the gutter: they’ll wash your car. As one who has experienced his share of roommate ridiculousness, I can’t wait to see what these two come up with, and given their drive and determination, I think we’ll be seeing a lot of these rascally roommates soon enough.