Countless Thousands – You’re Goddamn Right


Kings of Kickstarter, podcast players, devious dweebs…just some of the possible titles that could be granted to this punky, ‘enthusiastic rock’ band: Countless Thousands. I got a sneaky peak into their new album…’You’re Goddamn Right’…no, no, that’s the name of the album.

Given an advance of the album before it drops October 28th, 2016, I discover that these gents wish to make ‘The Asskickers’ Union‘ with some lucky lady. A humourous, borderline ska tune, just short a horn section, all about a a guy speeding his way to his punk sweetheart, thinking all about how they hate Lady Ga Ga, and how “they’ll still do it when they’re gross and old”. I’m reminded of The Arrogant Worms (if they had gone punk) in this number with quick wit, and some unexpected turns of phrase.

The high school these guys still sing about apparently has one hell of a ‘Dress Code‘. With blistering guitar, and angsty, junior high vocals throughout, it is more than clear that these guys indeed sat on the “social periphery” through school, and thank goodness they did. Without these outcasts, we wouldn’t have this scintillating track of skater punk solos and high school harmonies that really set the theme for this album.


There’s just some really cool guitar grooving, and interesting drumming skipping through this school-dance-ballad. Who wouldn’t sing a sweet ballad for an ‘Excellent Horse Like Lady (USA Version)‘. I’m not too sure of the difference between a USA version of this lady versus say a North Korean version, but there you have it…perhaps it’s the workload. The most interesting thing about this tune is that it sounds of school dance, as aforementioned, but it sings of politics in a surprisingly clever way…there’s something a bit karaoke about this piece.

For sure at least one of these guys was an ‘Only Child‘, or at least wishes that. Apparently one them has a sister who’s an asshole, and this has been the impetus for a whole track about that very fact. However hilarious this track may be, I can’t quite relate, being very close with my sister, but regardless of that this band reminds me more and more of The Arrogant Worms (with a bit more profanity).


countless-thousands-4On my third go of being a best man, I’ve discovered one of the worst ways to open a speech is: ‘Webster’s Dictionary Defines Marriage As‘. This party band has an interesting take on marriage, for sure, and the undying, unyielding love one has for their love, in spite of money, or mood, or other matters. What an example of a fun song to jam on at a party, likely laden with some future mistakes…


Another great song for a party…or perhaps not, on second thought, rocking out to a ‘Gang Fight‘. Given the auto-bio I got from these jamming gents, I’m unsure if this track is a feverish fantasy of theirs, or a horror-filled reality they may have lived through, but either way, they bring the party to this ‘Gang Fight‘ for sure, and I can just picture the many heads rattling themselves to this punk rocking rage tune.

There’s so much character to Countless Thousands, that one must simply listen out for them when the album drops in its entirety. Aside from the videos, I can offer another sneak peak into the album right HERE! And if you’re keen to learn more about the band, then follow me all the way over…HERE!