Bitter’s Kiss – My God


‘My God’ Chloe Baker of Bitter’s Kiss has an arresting voice. I dare say I’ll find time to review more of her sweet sounds but, until then, I’m looking at her latest music video/single: the quirky, poignant, hit-the-nail-on-the-head single that is ‘My God’.


bitters-kiss-promoBefore tackling the music itself, I think it is most important to have a grasp of the lyrics, which are not very difficult to wrap one’s head around as the crux of the song is repeated over and again: “My god is better than your god”. The weight of this simple lyric is far greater than most bother to think about, and coming from a country where 46% of the population believes in creationism, it is no trivial tune that Baker has come up with here. ‘My God’ may not be as powerful in Jersey as it is in the Bible Belt, but getting a healthy dose of “it’s all the same god” might not be a bad thing for people to hear in any state, let alone any country.


bitters-kiss-by-dustin-rabin-photographyThe video, as simple as the lyric, is stunning nonetheless. Shots of beautiful buildings dedicated to this god or that (it’s amazing what the human species can achieve in the name of faith versus the name of solidarity), coupled with to-the-beat, living portraits of Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians of all kinds, and more, capture the incredible symbiosis of god and man. A parasitic symbiosis in my own opinion, but I suppose the greater meaning of this song may not be couched in non belief, but in that of universal belief where, in spite of their differences, the religious all erect staggering structures to, wage wars for, and worship the same damned god. If there was a question in Baker’s mind through the writing and filming of this song, I can only imagine it must have been, “Why are all these people so blind to their mirrored faiths?” If the faithful bothered to stop and take a good look at each other they might just find how very similar they are, one to the other.


Musically, the synthetic horn section adds to the quirky manner of the track,  accenting the top and tail of the tune, bookending the bouncing bass, and keys that dance trippingly throughout. The happy harmonies, belonging also to the open and close of the song, lift the the track up to the vaulted ceilings of those places of worship one wonders at throughout the video.

Having wrestled with faith and the faithful for much of my life, I cannot sing enough praises (I use the term advisedly) to Bitter’s Kiss for this hard hitting, though seemingly innocent lilt of a tune. ‘My God’ it’s good to see people take notice, and stand up to reveal the irony and hypocrisy in this realm of the religious we find ourselves in, day by day.

Chloe Baker of Bitter’s Kiss has one of the sweetest voices I’ve heard in music today, and it would be remiss of me not to encourage you to listen to more of her dulcet tunes right over HERE!