He Is Me – Drowning Man/Ocean Man


Second single from new industrial rock duo He Is Me is a two track mash up that I can surprisingly say is akin to NIN, and R.E.M. ‘Drowning Man/Ocean Man‘ kicks off with a an eerie heart beat bass kick, and slowly slips into a repetitive, yet driving melody that builds and builds in intensity, very much like a NIN track that makes you beg for that pay off; that final resolution. That’s all well and good, but what really got me was the R.E.M.-esque vocals from Calgary based Steve Moore. A very interesting combination of industrial and alternative rock, this pairing of sullen synth and brighter vocals does really play on one’s mind, and somehow adds to the uncanny ambiance of the tune.

he-is-me-new-drowning-man-ocean-man-promo-by-casey-braungerThe build in this song keeps you yearning for three and a half minutes until it seems that, with fading synth, we can rest, even if with the same eerie feeling we started with, but these two creative musicians aren’t satisfied with a plain, old, monotonous bit of music. What they are satisfied with, is giving the listener about thirty seconds of respite and time to sort out, amidst the static, and fading synth, just what it was they hoped for the end of the track, until a sudden and throat-ripping scream crashes in with percussion, a renewed bass line, and a much more vivacious vocal run of the earlier melody.

he-is-me-promo-1-steves-photo-by-ryan-donnelly-caseys-photo-and-design-by-casey-braungerThough the aforementioned vocal likeness of Steve Moore is still present, he presents a much greater range than one has ever heard from Michael Stipe. This second section of the song, though sadly brief, is filled with incredible intensity, and still ends without resolution, fading out much like the ending of the first part of the single.

A brilliant build that one can only assume was meant to leave people yearning for more, ‘Drowning Man/Ocean Man‘ is a wonderful resurgence of the industrial scene, and one can only hope that He Is Me is here to stay; well on their way to breaking new ground, and building up industry where the old had left such famous factories dilapidated.

Give this single a listen for yourself right HERE!