Chrystyna Marie – Loaded Gun


The power of Chrystyna Marie’s voice is astounding, and unsuspecting. Always happy to cover some Canadian-born music, I’ve had the privilege of reviewing Marie’s latest EP, ‘Loaded Gun’. After working under several labels, Marie has decided to head out on her own to do the work she wants to do; the way she wants to do it, and I have to say: Thank goodness she did just that!


img_20160411_143810This EP has the intensity and gravitas of a ‘Loaded Gun‘, and this slow-burning, dark country ballad is certainly the first pull of the trigger. She “don’t need six shots, [she only needs] just the one]”, and it hits true indeed. The eerie old-time country reverb on the guitar in this track brings a classic feel to this modern, sexy and seductive heartbreak song. The lyrics are so couched in reality that I think it would be hard for anyone to not be engaged in this tune, and if not for the lyrics, then the groovy beat and bass should catch one right away.


Continuing on ‘Down The Road‘, you’d think there would be no need for a second shot, but you’ve got to make sure, right? Another great beat to get into, coupled with some tricky picking, and soothing keys, lays the carpet for Marie to strut her voice all the way down. If this track isn’t already part of a film, it should definitely be. That opening credit kind of catchy, this lyric of searching for peace ‘Down The Road‘ of excess is just the ticket home.


loaded-gun-single-cover-imageThis more spacey pop ballad is so incredibly soulful with heart-wrenching harmonies, sultry singing, crashing keys, and even some cry-baby-guitar thrown into the mix that ‘No More‘ is necessary…seriously, I mean to say this track is necessary for the EP. A slight Florence and the Machine vibe to this track, it’s a great response to ‘Loaded Gun‘ as the final break of such a passionate, and perhaps destructive love.


Sweetly from ‘The Tower‘, Chrystyna Marie sings of her world crashing down around her in this mix of ethereal pop country. Creeping keys and eerie echoes lift the piece into the darkness, as the happy harmonies pull it back into the light, as Marie rises above the wreckage to survey the world surrounding.  I think it’s safe to say that “when it all falls down, [Chrystyna] will wear the crown”.


Such a powerhouse is Chrystyna Marie, that her melange of old-time country, and creep pop music is seamless, and most certainly enticing. I encourage you all to check out this phenomenal EP; this ‘Loaded Gun’, right over HERE!