The Spiders – Election Day


Jersey-based, alt rockers The Spiders are pushing their latest single: a socially conscious, and unfortunately comic tune, aptly named ‘Election Day‘. The upcoming 2016 American election has everyone reeling with the sorry excuses that pass for candidates from the three hundred million American citizens who could, according to the ‘American Dream’, have risen up to the challenge and run for presidency. Whether you feel you can’t stump the Trump and need to dump ‘shill-ary Clinton’, or need to leave Mexico alone, and go for the Democrat being investigated by the FBI, or just throw your hands in the air and despair for the farce this election very clearly has become, one can and should certainly put their hands in the air, and get caught up in the web The Spiders have spun for us with this single.



With some fantastically hilarious photos, and rather poignant political cartoons as slideshow alongside the track, ‘Election Day‘ really is a melting pot of the general public commentary surrounding the presidential race. Poking fun, and pulling no punches, The Spiders really have a field day exposing the ridiculousness of both candidates as well as the contradictions of the masses.

branco-trump-and-hillaryIt makes one curious to know just which bits of the lyric sit as foundation for the band’s political stand, with spatterings of American privileges, blame games, and forlorn hopes, but suffice it to say, there is one message the band makes clear: get off your ass and vote America.

In terms of production, the track is hard and heavy, and the Green-Day-circa-Holiday percussion by drummer Nestor Arcelay rumbles the tune from top to bottom. A little on the nose lyrically, lead guitar/vocals Nick DeStefano seems clearly of the opinion that the American masses need a bit of a smack on the nose.

As one of the so-called ‘friendly neighbours to the North’ I, in true Canadian fashion, hope I don’t overly insult by way of national generalization (and here it comes)…however, the song’s accompanying slideshow seems to give up the ghost of subliminal messaging toward the end with its constant swap between the two frames “Hey”, and “On election day”, the latter of which is complete with a hand, holding a ballot with the word ‘vote’ on it, and again seems to smack the American people in the face with the aforementioned main message. Perhaps voter turnout in the U.S. is quite comparable to that of Canada. I only hope The Spiders don’t fear the old American stereotype, and simply want citizens to take part in their right as Americans to vote for their future.


spiders-jiggs-johnEither way you go, it is easy to get caught up in this little web of rockin’, kitschy Americana, and for all of you readers South of the border, I share The Spiders’ sentiments, and hope you get out there and vote. It may not be as important to us up here, but we’re well aware that the winner of this race will have much to do with our future as well.

If you’re looking for some more work from The Spiders, check out their website over HERE! I must say, this band raises an important question that, unanswered, would see me unable to review such a fun, and aware track: “Where would I be without rock and roll?”