New Row – The Day That Never Ends


Happy Halloween everyone. I’ve got something scary for you today: I’ve been introduced to a band that makes me look at Toronto fondly…and not only Toronto, but Toronto’s horrifying twist of highways…a scary thing indeed. New, hot, breakup single The Day That Never Ends‘, from the typically-Toronto, cosmopolitan rock group, New Row: a band comprised of a music student, a cable guy, a creative director, and an actor; from as far away as Thunder Bay, Chicago, and London (U.K.), has hit the internet super highway – smooth sailing compared to the Gardiner.


This scintillating track encapsulates, lyrically, the sort of compression, and loss of patience that Toronto traffic can so readily give, while musically, there is such space, and an airy quality that lifts one above the chaos. As said above, this is a breakup song, and if you take much of the lyric literally, then yes, it’s frustration toward traffic, but of course music is often symbolic and interpretive, and this song is not only a truly clever breakup song in a wonderful display of Canadiana, but also a self-proclaimed “love song to the city”, according to songwriter/guitarist Tim Dunn.


new-rowOne can’t fully explain the freeing quality of this tune, but it certainly does exist, and it seems to open not only the audience, but the band also to the sense of freedom one can have in a seemingly unending city like Toronto.

Packed with sweet swells, gripping guitar and vocal harmonies, Caleb Followill-like lead from singer Bewlz, a killer key change, and a lightness in the heavy content and composition that elevates this track, ‘The Day That Never Ends‘ is one I keep playing on repeat…so that it never ends.

It’s always a pleasure to review Canadian content, especially when it combines real Canadiana and relatability in such a seamless and sweet song. Some say it’s hard to pin down a Canadian artistic voice, but my money’s on New Row to help turn heads on that score.

Check out this solid single right HERE! And keep up to date on the band over HERE!

Once you’re done packing away all those sweets tonight, make sure you’re up to catch them tomorrow night at the Horseshoe Tavern on Queen West in downtown Toronto at 9:50pm…just don’t get stuck on the Gardiner, QEW, or 401.